Terms of Service

By using the Openalerts web site ("Service") you are agreeing to be bound by the following terms and conditions ("Terms of Service").

What are Openalerts rights ?

Openalerts reserves the right to update and change the Terms of Service from time to time without notice. Any new features that augment or enhance the current Service, including the release of new tools and resources, shall be subject to the Terms of Service. Continued use of the Service after any such changes shall constitute your consent to such changes. You can review the most current version of the Terms of Service at any time at: http://www.Openalerts.in.

Violation of any of the terms below will result in the termination of your Account. While Openalerts prohibits such conduct and Content on the Service, you understand and agree that Openalerts cannot be responsible for the Content posted on the Service and you nonetheless may be exposed to such materials. You agree to use the Service at your own risk.

These Terms of Use are a legal document designed to protect your rights and the rights of Openalerts, with regards to the document expiry reminder service, software, documentation, and incidental intellectual property of the Service. Using Openalerts constitutes acceptance of these terms — if you do not consent to the terms, please contact Openalerts to have your account canceled and further charges against your credit card stopped. Human readable summary: You should read this whole document, because it is a contract and you are bound by the whole contract. However, we like having plain language which summarizes some of the important terms:

You pay us yearly for the service. We give you the first month free provided you sign up as a trial account. Openalerts holds all the rights to delete or cancel any account any time online due to various reasons such as bad conduct or legal or privacy threat. We get to terminate this agreement at any time, for any reason. We'll happily refund any payment you make within 10 days of you making it, and you can cancel your use of the service at any time. These are your only guarantees that the service will be to your liking. If something goes wrong, we'll refund your money but we won't pay you anything you haven't paid us. You promise not to break any laws in using the service.

Description of Service and Parties ?

Openalerts is a service consisting of an automated means of sending email and text messages to parties who have elected to receive them on your behalf. Openalerts can be accessed through our website, mobile apps, text (SMS) messages, and through such automated means as we may provide to you. You may not use the service if you are under 18 years of age.

Description of Agreement ?

These terms of service are available online at http://www.Openalerts.in. We may update them at any time, with no notice to you. Continuing to use the service after we have updated them constitutes acceptance of the new Terms of Service..


In return for your use of the service, You agree to pay Openalerts a yearly fee, in advance, for your use of the service. The yearly fee depends on which subscription plan you sign up for, and is disclosed prominently on the Pricing page and the interface of the website. Openalerts hereby agrees to waive the monthly service fee for the first month of your use of the service provided you sign up as a trial account. You will be charged at the end of your service contract which is . You will be given prompt reminders about the service expiry and we may or may not automatically charge your credit card/paypal account. It is your sole responsibility to make sure the account is renewed in time.

Plan Levels

There are several subscription levels. The level you subscribe to determines what features of Openalerts you may use. Openalerts reserves the right to change subscription level features, quotas, and pricing at any time, with or without notice. Openalerts pledges that, in the case of quotas and pricing, if a change would be detrimental to you, Openalerts will allow you to continue with your previous quota/pricing for a period of at least six months from the date you are notified of the change. Openalerts specifically does warrant that all features currently in the software will continue to be in the software indefinitely.

Intellectual Property Rights

All rights in Openalerts app, the website, and related documentation are owned and/or licensed by its respective owners. You are hereby granted a non-exclusive right to make use of the service, and (if appropriate) to interoperate with the service through such mechanisms as we may provide for you to do so, in consideration of your payment of the yearly service fee. Your license to use the service does not entitle you to ownership of the underlying intellectual property.

Prohibited Actions

You are forbidden from:

  • Using the service in a manner contrary to the law.
  • Using the service in any manner which disrupts Openalerts operations or any other users' use of the service.
  • Using the service to contact someone with whom you do not have a pre-existing commercial relationship.
  • Importing, entering, or storing document details in the service for any person from whom you do not have explicit consent to record their details.
  • Knowingly using the service to record information about anyone under 18 years of age. Taking any forbidden action with the service immediately terminates your license to use the service.

Termination Of Service

Openalerts may terminate your use of the service at any time, for any reason. Openalerts may deny anyone use of the service at any time, for any reason. You may cancel your use of the service at any time, either through the service itself or by sending an email to support@openalerts.in. Regardless of which party terminates the use of the service, unused time immediately expires, and is not eligible for a refund except as described below.


Openalerts offers full refunds on request for up to 10 days past the transaction date. Refunds after that period will be at the sole discretion of Openalerts.

Limitation Of Liability



Openalerts makes commercially reasonable attempts to protect the privacy of data you enter into the service. This includes encryption of data in between You and the service, commercially reasonable efforts to secure the machines the service operates on, and legal and technical means to restrict access to data to only persons authorized by You or Openalerts. Openalerts does not warrant that these measures will necessarily satisfy any particular legal requirement in your jurisdiction. Openalerts will not expose data which you enter to other parties with the following exceptions:

  • Openalerts will, in the ordinary course of service, transmit data regarding emails to Mandrill, a service which Openalerts has contracted with to provide outgoing email capabilities to You.
  • Openalerts will obey lawful instructions to disclose information issued by any competent jurisdiction.
  • Openalerts will obey lawful instructions to disclose information, about any party which you record information about or contact, to their own persons, their legal representatives, or their guardians, on proof to Openalerts satisfaction about their identity. Openalerts will likewise correct or remove information on file about them at their request.

Openalerts expressly disclaims confidentiality of any information which is transmitted via text message (SMS), or email. It is an unavoidable aspect of these methods of communication that information included in them can be intercepted and recorded by third parties, including parties other than those you intend the information to be received by. You understand and acknowledge this, and hold Openalerts harmless for any disclosure of information included contained in or used to address an email, or text message. You further understand and acknowledge that these methods of communication are not appropriate for all uses. You are solely responsible for ensuring that your communications and use of the service are appropriate, including that they satisfy privacy laws in your jurisdiction, including but not limited to health, education, and consumer privacy laws.

Service Level Agreement

Openalerts does not warrant that your access to the service will be uninterrupted. Openalerts does not warrant that communications you schedule for delivery for the service will be delivered or that they will be delivered in a timely manner.

Openalerts will make commercially reasonable efforts to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours. Your use of Openalerts does not entitle you to support in real time or support via any particular communications channel, including over the telephone, except at Openalerts sole discretion. Openalerts may offer you the opportunity to purchase a separate Service Level Agreement, for an additional fee, as a separate contract.

Why OpenAlerts ?

Openalerts can remind you about your important meetings, appointments, end or due dates of your payments or any task which you may forget.


Real Solutions to Real Problems

Yes, this project is aimed for real solutions. The application can be used in many forms to solve your day by day challenges, an automated intelligence for your memory!

We won't over promise on things that just aren’t possible. Its absolutely fundamental that when you engage real solutions that we provide you with a clear understanding of what can be delivered and what can’t, with costs and implications.

  • Smart technology at right time.
  • Make your life easier.
  • Secure and Private data storage.
  • Email and SMS notifications.
  • No promotion or junk email/SMS.
work work

Looking for Appointment Reminders

Yea, As we mentioned this is a smart solution for all your requirement, simply set your appointment in just few clicks, everything gets set. Never miss an appointment!.

Oh I forgot My Wife's Birthday

Don't need to explain how above statements reflect in your life , you can schedule all those important days and dates in our application and get notified as email or sms.

Long-term focused.

It’s all about relationships for real solutions. By building strong relationships through great communication, it is our goal to make every client a long-term client. Your satisfaction is our success.

Complex end dates ?

You can't remembers your different LIC policies preimuim date ?. or your Vehicle Tax / Insurence end dates.?

Never miss any events

You may get invited long time before , but you missed the events!, with our app never again!.

Getting Started

Make sure you have read our policy before getting started.

Plans Built For Every One

Our plans are really awesome for all levels of category. start with our Free plan and feel the power of the application then choose your best plan.



Package Type : Individual
SMS Credits : 250
Email Credits : 500
Reminder Credits : 25
Validity : 12 Months

Buy Now



Package Type : Individual
SMS Credits : 1000
Email Credits : 2000
Reminder Credits : 100
Validity : 12 Months

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Corp Silver


Package Type : Corporate
User Credits : 2
SMS Credits : 250
Email Credits : 1000
Reminder Credits : 50
Validity : 12 Months

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Corp Platinum


Package Type : Corporate
User Credits : 5
SMS Credits : 2000
Email Credits : 3000
Reminder Credits : 200
Validity : 12 Months

Buy Now

Are you looking for an alternate plan ? that has some custom requirements feel free to contact us

We Offer Services

We provide our platform as services , basically two types of services Solo and Corporate. If you're looking for somthing else we can also provide custom services too feel free to write us.

Solo/Individual Account

This account is aimed for private usage, only a single member can create his/her task list, and get alerts upto two mobile numbers (verified).

Spam/Ads Free Accounts

We do not push an ads or spam messages to our customers. We are not sell any of them personal data of our customers. All the personal informations are stored in highly encrypted formats

Light and Fast Support

The service is light and fastest , Support tickets are respond within short time. Our customer satisfraction is our first priority.

Accurate Statitics

A detailed reports for all the SMS and email you send with delivery status. Smart and simple dashboard with all the basic details.

Corporates Accounts

Our Corporate accounts will available soon, aimed for larger companies to shedule their task list reminders to their employees.

Looks Amazing on Devices

Our Mobile platform is in progress, all most every features in the web will be avilable on Mobile app. The aplication will be available for Android, Iphone and Windows phones.

Common Questions

Everything you need to know before you get started

What is Packages or Plan?

Openalerts is a subscription platform based on several plans. So basically the service belongs to a plan that customer choose, they need to renew this plan every year or before the plan expired. Users can upgrade or downgrade their plan during this renewal process.

I have technical problem, who do I email?

You can simply use our ticket system, that is available in your control panel simply submit a ticket with issue in details we will respond back in time.

How can I ensure the Credits ?

All the credits details are available in the control panel of the dashboard. detailed report for SMS / Email are also available with delivery status.

How the Payment Works ?

At this time we don't have Online Payment facility upon customers request we will add that too. you can use our Bank account details or call to our support numbers.

How to getting started ?

Simply signup with us after login you will get a Quick Start up guide simply follow the instructions. you're good to go with few clicks, super simple and self managable.

Is openalerts free?

Sorry we are not providing any free services, only one week trail version available on demand. Also users can only registered with a valid agent code.

Keep in touch

For any quries or suggestion feel free to contact us

How this works ?

Would you like us to get back to you. just fill the form we are one click far from you.

Suggesion or looking for bulk plans ?

Yes we will introduce Corporate plan soon. you can send your quries too, just fill the form